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Arvind Corrotech Galvanizing

We are leading manufacturer, supplier and exporter of PP Tanks for Galvanizing. PP Tanks offered you with long-term protection against rust and corrosion of steel products, and with almost 150 years experience we can assure you of high quality galvanizing and unrivalled customer service from Arvind Group.

Since the commencement of our company, we have been backed and supported by a state-of-the-art infrastructure. Our infrastructure is known for its large production capacity and it is well-equipped with latest technology. We upgrade our infrastructure at regular intervals of time, through cutting-edge technology. In addition to this, we have appointed a team of skilled professionals and other supporting staff, for managing different units of our infrastructure in the most efficient manner.

Why Galvanize?

When it comes to choosing corrosion protection then galvanizing takes place. Galvanizing is the only process, committed to the concept of the maintenance-free use of steel, ensuring long service life and virtually eliminating disruptive maintenance. Moreover the unique alloy growth that occurs when clean steel immersed into molten zinc – the coating effectively becomes part of the steel – if it looks good on day one it will remain so for many years to come.

An asset management and life-cycle costing become even more essential, after fabrication galvanizing provides the facility to design for a predictable, engineered result. Galvanizing is the long-term protection which well documented world-wide in terms ahead of any other protective coatings and galvanizing continues to find new applications in almost every field of engineering.

What makes Arvind Corrotech Exclusive?

  • Competitive Initial Cost
  • Lowest Lifetime Cost
  • Long Life
  • Reliability
  • Speed Application
  • 3 Way Protection
  • Complete Coverage
  • Ease of Inspection
  • Coating Toughness
  • Faster Construction

Arvind Corrotech Specializes in Pickling Tanks

Polypropylene Tanks in Mumbai Coil Pickling Tank in Kolkata Pickling Plant in Chennai
Structure Pickling Tank in Bangalore Acid Pickling Tank in Delhi Brass Plating Tank in Pune
Thermoplastic Tanks for Sheet Galvanizing Thermoplastic Tanks for Galvanizing Small Parts Strip Pickling Tank in Hyderabad
Copper Plating Tank in Ludhiana 7 Tank Treatment Plant in Visakhapatnam Pipe Pickling Tank in Nagpur
Sheet Pickling Tank HDPE Acid Storage Tanks FRP Chemical Storage Tanks
Acid Storage Tanks Manufacturer Vertical Chemical Storage Tanks Bottom Conical Storage Tanks
Close Top Storage Tanks Horizontal Chemical Storage Tanks Round Storage Tanks
Square Storage Tanks Acid Fume Extraction System Phosphate Coating Plant
Polypropylene Tanks exporter in Asian Countries
Structure Pickling Tank in Nepal Acid Pickling Tank in Afghanistan Brass Plating Tank in Bahrain
Thermoplastic Tanks in Jordan Thermoplastic Tanks in Sri Lanka Strip Pickling Tank in Oman
Copper Plating Tank in Bangladesh 7 Tank Treatment Plant in Vietnam Pipe Pickling Tank in Kuwait
Sheet Pickling Tank in Qatar HDPE Acid Storage Tanks in Iraq FRP Chemical Storage Tanks in Philippines
Acid Storage Tanks in Hong Kong Chemical Storage Tanks in Israel Conical Storage Tanks in Singapore
Close Top Storage Tanks in Malaysia Horizontal Chemical Storage Tanks in Iran Round Storage Tanks in Thailand
Square Storage Tanks in UAE Acid Fume Extraction System in Saudi Arabia Phosphate Coating Plant in China
Storage Tanks in South Korea PP Tanks in Japan Plastics tanks Indonesia

Why Us?

Corrotech is offering PP tanks for galvanizing plant. We are having a widespread experience and ability in implementing foremost technology and innovative methods to deliver very high quality, low capital and efficient worldwide. We are mainly focused on customer success, with strong commitment to offer round the clock service after sales and supports to make sure that customer’s PP tank is performing optimally, and give excellent ongoing value.

Our key business segment mainly emphasizes on exploiting its expertise in design and development for galvanizing furnaces for structural galvanizing, fasteners, wire and pipe galvanizing. Our expert technicians will build a project that would be entirely tailored to the specifics according to plant. However, we can also supply more comprehensive solutions, enriched by automation in lifting and transport of products of all sizes and categories.

Our background includes a long history and a solid track record of delivering quality projects that stand the test of time. With long-term, career opportunities and a team-oriented, caring environment, our highly qualified professionals thrive. They’re engaged and invested in exceeding expectations.


pp tank manufacturer

PP Tanks

Our high quality pp tanks have sharp structure and are loaded with safety characteristics. They are made with the help of Germany based Hot Gas Extrusion Welding Process and have bottom corner with weld- less radius to make it absolutely leak proof.


Pickling Tanks

Pickling Tanks

We are the reputed company known for providing Pickling tank to the clients with the international quality norms and standards. The provided picking tanks are extensively used in various industrial applications like powder coating, galvanizing, pickling, steel, electro-plating, re-rolling and chrome plating.


Flux Regeneration system , Flux Recycling system , Flux Cleaning system , Flux Filtration system , Flux Heating System

Flux Tanks

Arvind Corrotech manufactures Flux tanks that are roughly utilized in every chief industry, in their range of applications because of its outstanding wear conflict plus tremendous robustness. Flux solution consists zinc chloride – ammonium chloride mixture.


Acid Storage Tanks Manufacturer, Acid Storage Tanks Supplier, HDPE Tanks For Acid Storage

Acid Storage Tanks

Owing to brand name in the industries we are leading Acid Storage Tanks manufacturer. We are having our in-house capability of producing corrosion resistant of all Acid Storage Tank.


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