Flux Tanks

Arvind Corrotech manufactures Flux tanks that are roughly utilized in every chief industry, in their range of applications because of its outstanding wear conflict plus tremendous robustness. Flux solution consists zinc chloride – ammonium chloride mixture. Flux coating can be applied by using different methods. Other alternative methods include spraying the flux in the fluid form on the parts, and contacting the flux on the parts in powder form, or spraying the flux over the melted zinc bath in order to ensure the contact with the part during galvanizing. The last method is called wet galvanizing.

Flux Tanks for Structure Galvanizing

We are with the brand name in manufacturing Flux Tanks for Structure Galvanizing. Corrosion free, long lasting, design on RITA (Roechling Integrated German Tank Building Assistant) software. A flux solution is applied to the steel to support with the galvanizing reaction. Our offered tanks are mainly used for wire pickling purpose.

Our tanks are used to remove any remaining traces of impurities and provide a final intensive cleaning of the steel surface. The final surface preparation step in galvanizing process is zinc ammonium chloride solution, serves two purposes. Our provided tanks removes any remaining oxides and deposits a protective layer on the steel to prevent any further oxides from forming on the surface prior to immersion in the molten zinc.

Flux in galvanizing serves the same purpose as flux in soldering. It increases the wet ability of the surface of the steel to molten zinc. It usually consists of an aqueous solution of chlorides, principally a mixture of zinc chloride and ammonium chloride. We manufacture these flux tanks for structure galvanizing by our deft professionals employing finest quality raw material and modernize tools. Apart from this, our quality examiners perform a series of quality test on the entire range ensuring its flawlessness. Offered tanks are corrosion free, long lasting, and leakage proof, easily movable and environmental friendly.

Flux Tanks for Wire Galvanizing

Corrotech provides its customers the most modern, cost-effective, efficient and fast operating lines for hot dip galvanized wire plant. We are with the brand name in manufacturing Flux tanks for Wire Galvanizing. The high carbon wire galvanizing process is done both with and without heat treatment. When combined with patenting the wires speed is often limited, due to galvanizing furnaces length and capital cost restrictions.

Without heat - treatment the designed galvanizing line speed is high and suitable for advanced nitrogen wiping. Moreover some lines have employed lead furnaces to burn-off or remove wire drawing lubricants; currently our more environmentally friendly solution is to use an electrolytic boost pre-clean system for that operation. We are providing the equipment right from drawing line flattening mills, complete galvanizing lines with vertical drop coilers, horizontal side winder take ups or strip take ups.

By our best excellence in design, engineering, manufacturing and services, we are able to offer most relevant technology for galvanizing of High Carbon and Low Carbon Steel Wires. We are the foremost company in supplying turnkey projects for the wire industry. The tanks are most modern, cost-effective and fast operating lines for hot dip galvanized wire plant. We provide tanks with inside attachment with corrosion resistance material and the latest manufacturing technology.

Corrotech´s flux tanks are built to last with high strength FRP composite materials. The multiple layer design uses premium quality resin and corrosion resistant glass fibers. Pultruded FRP sections are incorporated into the tank walls for additional strength and to provide precise level surfaces for the internal trays and top flanges. A cover is included with the system to minimize heat losses. The tank has flanged fittings for cleaning, drain, overflow, fill, heaters, pump suction and discharge.

Flux Tank for Sheet Galvanizing

Owing to the brand name in the field of Flux Tank for Sheet Galvanizing, this offers superior quality thermoplastic tanks for continuous sheet galvanizing. Corrotech offers Flux tanks are corrosion free, long- lasting and are designed using RITA (Roechling Integrated German Tank Building Assistant) software.

The tanks are joined using Butt Fusion at all places using German Wegner Welding Machine in accordance with DVS norms. This Butt Fusion technique makes sure that the tanks are leak proof and has a long life.

Our tanks are manufactured by our experts using best grade components and latest technology in conformity with the industry quality norms. In addition, our tanks undergo different tests under the direction of quality controllers to make sure it is meets the customer.

Corrotech sheet galvanizing plant is fabricated according to the industry standards and need of our customers. Our well-trained professionals tank these plants within a given time-frame. Pre-treatment tanks made from various industrial thermoplastics. Corrotech have more than 20 years of experience in design and supply of thermoplastic tanks.

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