Close Top Storage Tanks

Close Top Storage TanksCorrotech´s seamless, one-piece, closed top, vertical storage tanks are widely used for industrial storage purposes, particularly for storing dangerous, corrosive chemicals and other substances that may emit fumes or pose other kinds of dangers to workers' health. Manufactured out of high grade HDPE or XHDPE/XLPE polyethylene, our durable tanks are in fact tough enough to resist chemical erosion even better than mild steel, stainless steel or FDP.

These closed-top, narrow-based storage tanks are also widely used by food production, mining, and packaging companies and those involved in the production of cleaning agents. We have a selection of different sized closed top tanks that are suitable for storing liquids with specific gravities (densities) of less than 1.5, less than 1.9, and less than 2.2.

These one-piece tanks are extremely rugged, durable and stabilized against damage by the sun's ultraviolet radiation. They are also designed to resist low temperature impacts and so are ideal for cold storage areas. Close top Storage tanks are specially designed tanks to store any liquid form of chemicals in a leak and spill proof-way. These tanks are used for storage & Process of chemical and acid.

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